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In Need Of Diagnosis (INOD)


Updated August 21, 2009

INOD's mission:

In Need Of Diagnosis, Inc.'s (INOD) mission is to promote changes in the health care system to facilitate the prompt and accurate diagnosis of medical disorders, especially rare disorders, and to provide help and support to those who are in need of diagnosis.

INOD's objectives:

  • Promote the concept of developing a medical specialty in ‘Diagnosis’.
  • Develop and promote the fields of Clinical Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy.
  • Employ computer technology to sort through symptoms and identify patterns.
  • Create new screening tests.
  • Conduct screening tests, especially to identify illnesses in their early stages.
  • Expanding the objectives of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at NIH.
  • Make it possible for physicians to code an illness as, ‘Diagnosis unknown'.
  • Create tools in the form of databases to assist those searching for a diagnosis.
  • Encourage the development of new patient-use devices for diagnosis
  • Establish INOD and its mission to a point that it provides for those in need of diagnosis have an identity and a voice.
  • Create and maintain a web site for INOD.
  • INOD shall have help and support available by telephone and email.
  • INOD Web Forum
  • INOD Writers program for member stories
  • INOD Ambassadors program
  • INOD Legacy program
  • INOD says:

    In the United States medical system, diagnosis is not given the priority needed to save unnecessary deaths and reduce the treatment costs of illnesses not found until they are in an advanced stage. In 2005, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) estimated that of the medical dollars spent, only 3% were spent on diagnosis.

    Those with rare disorders . . . go many years and often die without receiving a diagnosis. There are no physicians trained and board certified in 'Diagnosis'. There is no physician whose focus and training is on putting the pieces of a complex medical puzzle together.

    How to contact INOD:

    Marianne Genetti, Executive Director
    PO Box 536456, Orlando, FL 32853-6456
    Phone: (407) or (888) 894-9190, Fax: (407) 898-4234
    Email: INOD@INOD.org, Web: www.INOD.org
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