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Which Rare Diseases Affect Children?


Information about rare diseases that occur in children or begin in childhood.
  1. Heart Diseases
  2. Bone and Muscle Diseases
  3. Storage Diseases
  4. Digestive System Diseases

Heart Diseases

Children can be born with heart diseases

Children can be born with heart defects (called congenital heart disease). They can also develop heart problems due to a genetic syndrome or an illness (called acquired heart disease).

Bone and Muscle Diseases

Many diseases affect the bones

These rare diseases affect children's bones and/or muscles.

Storage Diseases

The body makes and breaks down chemical compounds all day. Sometimes there is an important ingredient missing from a chemical recipe in the body. When this happens, substances build up to toxic levels. This is what happens in storage diseases.

Digestive System Diseases


There are many types of birth defects and diseases that can occur in children's digestive systems.

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