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Medical Tests

Information about medical tests, including how they are done and what they might be used for.

What happens during a biopsy?
Description of what happens during a biopsy (tissue sampling) and the different types of biopsies.

What Is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?
Describes what a metabolic workup is and how it might be used in diagnosis of an illness or disease.

What Happens During a CT Scan?
Description of what a CT scan is and what happens during the procedure.

What Is A DNA Test?
Explains what a DNA test is, and how and why it's done.

What Happens During An Echocardiogram?
Information about what happens during an echocardiogram.

What happens during an EEG?
Describes what happens during an EEG, and why this type of medical test is done.

What Happens During an MRI?
Description of what an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is, what this medical test is used for, and how it is done.

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