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Is it a Rare Disease?

Need to know if a disease is rare? Find your answer here. Page also links to information and databases of rare diseases around the world.
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Rare Diseases: Basic Information
Basic information about rare diseases and FAQs.

Why Is Getting A Rare Disease Diagnosis So Difficult?
Reasons why getting a diagnosis for a rare disease can be a difficult, long and frustrating process.

NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program
Information about the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program, designed to provide answers for people with medical mysteries and unknown diseases.

My Symptoms Were A Mystery - Mystery Symptoms
Readers tell their stories of searching for a rare disease diagnosis, and mystery symptoms, and going without a diagnosis for a long time.

Waiting For a Diagnosis
Waiting for a diagnosis can be a difficult and emotional time. These are some of the feelings you may have while waiting for a rare disease diagnosis.

Waiting For A Diagnosis - I'm Still Waiting For A Diagnosis
People who are waiting for a rare disease diagnosis share their stories.

Finding Out Your Diagnosis
You may have a lot of different feelings when finding out your diagnosis, especially if it's a rare disease.

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