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Pictures of Bubonic Plague

What it looks like and how it's spread


Updated February 03, 2009

During the Middle Ages, bubonic plague, known as the "Black Death," killed thousands of people. Bubonic plague is a potentially fatal bacterial infection called "Yersina pestis." You may be surprised to learn that the disease still exists in some parts of the world. These photos show what infection with bubonic plague looks like, and also some of the ways it is transmitted from animals to humans.
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Norway ratBubonic Plague Pictures: Norway RatBoy with bubonic plagueBubonic Plague Pictures: Boy with PlagueNorway ratBubonic Plague Pictures: Sewer RatPlague bacteriaBubonic Plague Pictures: Plague Bacteria
Neck buboBubonic Plague Pictures: Neck BuboBubo in armpitBubonic Plague Pictures: Arm BuboOropsylla Montana fleaBubonic Plague Pictures: FleaBubonic plague bacteriaBubonic Plague Pictures: Plague Bacteria
Flea powderBubonic Plague Pictures: Flea PowderFoot gangreneBubonic Plague Pictures: Developing Foot GangreneHand gangreneBubonic Plague Pictures: Hand GangreneCatBubonic Plague Pictures: Cat
Bubonic Plague Information and Pictures

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