1. Health

Rare Diseases - By Category

Is it a Rare Disease?
Need to know if a disease is rare? Find your answer here. Page also links to information and databases of rare diseases around the world.

Information About Rare Diseases by Type of Disease
Don't know the name of the disease or disorder? Here are information and support groups by types of disease, or what part of the body is affected.

Rare Diseases A - Z
Alphabetical listing of information about rare diseases and disorders.

Medical Terms
Definitions of medical terms used when describing or talking about rare disorders.

Medical Tests
Information about medical tests, including how they are done and what they might be used for.

Orphan Drugs for Rare Diseases
Find information here about drugs developed to treat rare diseases and disorders.

Legislation About Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs
Information about proposed or enacted legislation pertaining to rare diseases or orphan drugs.

Books and Movies About Rare Disorders
Reviews of books and movies related to rare diseases and disorders.


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