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Product Summary
Pox Americana

Pox Americana
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Great stories culled from historical record
•  Thoroughly researched and documented
Cons  •  Sheer scope of epidemic can be mind-numbing at times
•  Presently only available in hardcover
The Bottom Line - Very readable account of the North American smallpox epidemic of 1775-1782.

Product Description
•  First book to show how smallpox swept across North America in 1775-1782
•  Impressive research and copious references for support
•  Reveals the significant role smallpox played in Revolutionary War
Guide Review
Pox Americana
Pox Americana, by historian Elizabeth A. Fenn, is the first book to show how the smallpox virus (Variola) swept across the continent in the years 1775-1782. With impressive research and copious references for support, Fenn reveals the significant role smallpox played in the course of the Revolutionary War. If the thought of reading a non-fiction book gives you pause, consider this: not only is Fenn a meticulous historian, she knows how to tell a great story, how to take research and make it "come alive" with people and places. Open a new window on those old history lessons, and read Pox Americana.
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