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Unusually large infant born in Mexico

By May 21, 2004

Mexican parents Salvador and Blanca Rosa de Leon Garcia had a big surprise this week--their baby, Pedro, was born weighing 13 pounds 6 ounces. Pedro was so large that he could not be born vaginally and had to be delivered by Cesarean section. He is approximately the size of a 3-month-old infant. Medical experts estimate babies that big only occur once in every 40,000 births. Compare Pedro's photo to that of the average baby who weighs 6-7 pounds at birth. The Guinness Book of World Records has the largest baby born on record as weighing--are you ready?--24 pounds.
January 9, 2009 at 6:33 am
(1) Lisa C says:

My first child,a boy was born at 12lbs 5.8oz Vaginally without epideral,his shoulder was caught during the birth. 3 degree tears and enough blood loss I should have had a transfusion. So when I found out I was pregnaunt again the hospital made me have a high risk dr. He had me come in frequently. I had also asked for anio check 6-7 months cause I felt something was wrong, which they said test came back negative. They gave me anxiety medicine. Four weeks before my due date I asked for him to induce me, I told him the baby was going to be the same size or larger he looked at me funny and said he specializes in high risk and for me to trust him. He stated that I was just stressed and the baby would be under 10lbs.
A week later I complained again requesting induction, He said fine they set it up a week later. I came in a week later early morning they gave me the medicine and I walked down the hall to the office my mom worked since they wanted me to walk. After walking to and from my room for a few hrs they said I can soak in the jacuzzi. I got out and they wanted to break my bag, with what looked like a huge crochet needle. A few hrs later I had My 12lb 8oz baby boy. He had phnemonia. (not noted till several months later, a diagnosis of Nerofibromatosis) I was upset at the hospital, and dr. No one listened to me. Apparently I didn’t know my body well enough that I had to trust a dr. who has studied high risk. Oh yea my second delivery was without epideral as well. Sorry for the spelling.

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